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Our Story

Pick a country. Any country. Chances are, you’ll find the Energizer brand there. That’s because Energizer Holdings has operations in 50 countries and distribution in more than 160 countries.

Inventive from the very beginning.

The origins of Energizer Holdings trace back to a couple of inventors. Back in 1896, a man named W.H. Lawrence created the first consumer battery to power home telephones. Weighing over three pounds, it was a big breakthrough in more ways than one. Two years later, a Russian immigrant named Conrad Hubert was using these batteries to power his electric hand torch – the first flashlight. In 1905, the two innovators decided to get together to form what was then known as The American Ever Ready Company. The company has maintained this same pioneering spirit ever since.

Our Mission

Through innovation and as the official manufacturer of the Energizer rugged phones, DDM Brands intends to simplify and enhance the lives of customers and consumers better than anyone else. Aiming to honor Energizer’s Professional Hard Case line, DDM preserved the look and feel in the Energy devices. By fusing aesthetics and functionality, the benefits of Energizer’s rugged solutions have been maximized, allowing the user ultimate reliability.

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